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Description: “Every Battle” from Rita Springer’s brand new album Battles is accompanied by a beautiful moving lyric video that is great for any worship setting. Each download includes 3 audio outputs of lyric video: Full Mix, Split Track and Click Track.

Song Lyrics

Every imposter, every contender
Will fail to compare with you
There is no other kingdom
Authority, power like yours

No one more royal, no other loyal
Then one God, one truth
No other kingdom, no other freedom
Like yours

You are high, high and lifted up
Strong and mighty enough, you are king
I hide, covered by your wings
It's there you fight for me

Every battle, every battle is yours

No greater rescue than when you come through
With strong love, strong love
All my accusers silenced and scattered by you

Your people arising, we realize it is finished
It is finished
Stand in the promise, it is accomplished in you

No gods or idols, no princes or powers
Will have my worship
No threat of darkness, no fear of failing
Will steal my purpose
You’re my surrender, protector, defender and

Every battle, every battle is yours


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