Greg Sykes


Authors: Greg Sykes, Matt Armstrong, Bryan Fowler


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Description: iWorship Visual Worship Trax featuring "Just the Beginning" by Greg Sykes from the EP album, Reverse. iWorship Visual Worship Trax combine today's most powerful worship songs with inspiring graphics and lyrics to provide an excellent worship resource for ministries. This download include a full version only.

Song Lyrics

This is the start of
The rest of your life
This is the moment
Where love and truth collide
Your eyes open
Wide, wide open

This is a love song
He's singing over you
Through all the chaos
His hand is reaching through
Pulling you closer
It's not over

This is just, just the beginning
This is love, this is the journey
So keep running, keep running

It's a brand new day, reach out and grab it
You've been raised, up from the ashes
This is the start of, the rest of your life

This is your story
He's faithful, every word
I see redemption
With every page that turns
It's not over
No it's not over

Leave your past behind you
Every stain is washed away
It's a brand new day

This is the start of, the rest of your life


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