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Description: This song, originally performed by Matt Redman, is off the album Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) in the Worship Together Kids collection from the Brentwood Kids Music Club. Included in this download is the full and split track versions!

Song Lyrics:

Something inside of me
Knows there is surely more then this
Echoes of eternity all around us
There's music within my soul
I'm more than these flesh and bones I know
Whispers of a destiny deep inside us

This beating heart
Like a drum it will beat for You
This heart like a drum it will beat
My soul, my soul sings for You
This beating heart
I was made I was made for You
My God evermore evermore
My soul, my soul sings for You

We're marked by Your fingerprints
There's evidence running through these veins
That we are a masterpiece with a Maker
Formed in the secret place
A mystery born of a love and grace
You had a name for me and a purpose

My life be on Your altar God
My every breath exalting You
My life be on Your altar God
This heart like a drum beating strong for You

Sing my soul sing my soul
My soul sings for You


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