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Description: Featuring the original master recording by Generation Unleashed from the album Saving Power.
This powerful worship song about God’s redeeming love and the saving power in His blood is set to a vibrant, uplifting background. It includes 3 videos: original version, performance track (background vocals), and click track.

You first loved me
You gave me hope
Despite my faults
Poured out for all
Redeeming love it calls to me
This life I live
It’s not my own
I’m saved by grace
and grace alone! Redeeming love
It calls to me

‘Cause on the cross
You died for me
The Savior’s love
Has set me free

There’s power in the blood
There’s saving power

‘Cause in Your blood
There is healing

‘Cause in Your blood
I am redeemed

‘Cause in Your blood
There is mercy
For all to receive


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