Jeremy Camp

Worship Together

Authors: Ed Cash, Scott Cash, Jeremy Camp

Description: From the album "The Answer" by Jeremy Camp comes The Answer

Lead Sheet: Ab, E, F

Song Lyrics

So many questions, the world is reaching
So many hurting so many lost
With all this striving who can we lean on
Creation’s crying out from the dark
I know the answer to ev’ry question
The one solution through ev’ry fear
I know my help and where it comes from
Jesus he is the answer

He sees our sadness, He feels our sorrow
And in our weakness, He is strong
He holds the weight of all our failings
Great is our sin, but greater the cross

For ev’ry heart that’s breaking
For ev’ry soul that’s shaking
For ev’ry sickness, there’s healing in Your hands Let ev’ry heart awaken to see it’s You who saves us
You are my hope and the rock on which I stand


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