Jesus Culture

Worship Together

Authors: Chris McClarney, Bryan Fowler

Description: From the album "Love Has a Name" by Jesus Culture comes Love That Saves

Chord Chart: All
Lead Sheet: D, Eb, C
Piano - Vocal: D, Eb, C
Worship Band Bundle: D, Eb, C

Song Lyrics

Who can heal the blind man
Who raise the dead
Who can part the waters
And set my feet on dry land
Who secures my future
Who forgives my past
Who tears the veil of darkness
And tramples over death
No one, no one but Jesus
There is one love
One love that saves us, no

Who can light the heavens
Who can break the night
Who can breath salvation
And bring our hearts to life
Who knows my every need
Who provides my healing
And sets the captives free

No power on earth could ever
Stop what You have started
No other love could ever take Your place
You spoke a word and made a mockery of darkness
There is no rival standing in Your way