Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Worship Together

Authors: Kyle Lee, Anthony Skinner, Bryan and Katie Torwalt


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Description: From the song “Emmanuel (God With Us Forever”, from the “Champion” album, the third full-length release by Jesus Culture Music artists, Bryan and Katie Torwalt.

Piano-Vocal, Lead Sheet, and Chord Chart: Key of D, E and Eb

Song Lyrics:
Before You set the edge of time Foundations of the Earth and sky You saw it all and said that it was good The joy was set before Your eyes You knew that You would give Your life You saw it all and said that it was good

Behold, behold the One our Love has come Behold, behold the One our King has come

The Heavens warred, the Earth stood still His final breath, He tore the veil The angels sang out, “Holy is His name” Defeated death, He broke the grave Our hope returned, the lost are saved We lift our voice in never ending praise

Emmanuel, God with us forever Emmanuel, Savior of the world Emmanuel, Emmanuel