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MediaShout 6 FOR PCis a powerful presentation software with toolsdesigned for Churches. Gone are the dayswhen pastors and worship leaders had to spend hours creating and managing songlyrics, liturgies, Bible verses, or announcement slides. With MediaShout 6,Sunday’s slides can be created in minutes and will present your content indynamic ways well beyond what PowerPoint can do. Your media team will have thecontrol they need to run the presentation in a professional manner.

MediaShout 6 includes a redesigned interface that is easierto use and faster to learn. Users can choose from a dark or light theme. Majornew features include lyric use reporting, dual Bibles, liturgies, and an all new inline editor.

Core Features:

Song Lyric Database– Simply search and choose the song you need and allow MediaShout to create allthe slides. No more copying and pasting!

Bibles – Choose the version, book, chapter, and verses. Then MediaShout 6 will create all theslides for you, including copyright information. MediaShout includes 67 versions with no addition fees – Unique to MediaShout

Liturgies (New to V6) – Unique to MediaShout – MediaShout 6 includes a simple way to show reader and response text.Choose the liturgy you want to use and the slides will be auto-created.

Content Organization – In MediaShout 6, content is grouped into Cues. Each Cue can contain multiplepages. This makes it easy to make changes to the lyrics of an entire song or toa Bible scripture even when multiple pages are involved.

Templates – WithMediaShout 6 you can create templates that are easily applied to entire Cues.

Multimedia Options – You can use a large variety of content in your presentations, includingvideos, music, looping video backgrounds, websites, and more.

Separate Output forStage Monitors – With MediaShout 6 you can send separate content to themain displays and the stage monitors. This makes it easy to keep everyone insync by providing high-contrast content to speakers and worship leaders.

Announcement Loops – Uniqueto MediaShout –Schedule your pre- or post-service announcements by start and end date. ThenMediaShout 6 will display only the active announcements.

Lyric Use Reporting (New to V6) – Uniqueto MediaShout – MediaShout 6can track the song lyrics you use during your services. Then it can export theinformation to an Excel spreadsheet ready to be submitted to your reportingservice such as CCLI.

Liturgies (New to V6) – Unique toMediaShout – MediaShout 6 includes a simple way to showreader and response text. Choose the liturgy you want to use and the slideswill be auto-created.

Volunteer Mode – Unique toMediaShout – Create your presentations and then lock downediting to allow less experienced users to run the presentation without fear of“messing anything up.”

InlineEditor (New to V6) – Unique to MediaShout –No other church presentationsoftware includes an inline editor. Now you can edit cues and slides from thepreview window eliminating the need to open another window just to edit.

DualBibles (New to V6) – Unique to MediaShout – After choosing the Bible referenceyou want to display, you can select two different translations that willautomatically be shown side-by-side. This is great for teaching situations orfor Churches with multi-lingual audiences.

Cloud Sync with Dropbox – Unique to MediaShout – MediaShout is integrated withDropbox. You can now access, edit and share files with your media team over theweb in real time, all from the MediaShout control screen.

CustomizableViewers – Unique to MediaShout – Other software may only provide a singleviewer window, but with MediaShout you can set up as many views as needed:display, main, stage, and preview views at the same time.

System Requirements:
  • Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10
  • Primary display needs to be 1280x768 or higher
  • PowerPoint 2010 recommended for PPT integration
  • Dedicated, dual-head NVIDIA or ATI/AMD video card w/ 512MB DDR3 RAM (Suggested Cards)
  • Intel Core2Duo Processor running at 2.5GHz equivalent or better
  • 4GB RAM


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