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Description: BASIC.Follow Jesus is the second film in a seven-part short film series from the creators of NOOMA featuring Francis Chan. The Bible is clear about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Still, so many of us in the church seem to want to redefine exactly what that means ... so we say things like we have Him in our hearts, or we believe a certain set of things He said, or we've memorized His commands ... therefore we're followers of Jesus. Is that what is all comes down to, or is there more to it than than? Could it be that when Jesus says to follow Him, He really means we're supposed to do the things He did? Could it be that following Jesus means our lives are going to look less like our neighbor's and more like His? And if it mans that, and His life on earth was hard, do we need a compelling reason to want to live that kind of life instead of the good life our culture offers us? Is the fact that He is God and will one day judge the world, including you--and me, a compelling enough reason to want to follow Him?


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