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Description: Okay so no marriage is perfect but this four episode series interviews several Married couples to find the little nuggets of perfection in their marriage and were God takes place in all of that.

The couples are from all different stages of life. Some have been married less than a year, and some over thirty years. All of them have something unique to say about their marriages.

Episode one deals with feeling valued and respected in your marriage. What things to husbands and wives do or say to one another that helps them feel valued and respected.

Episode two is all about love. What does your spouse say or do on a daily basis that fills you with love?

Episode three talks about coming together as a couple. What activities or actions bring you together and help flourish your marriage?

Episode four is for the husbands to describe what they felt and thought at the moment they saw their bides walking down the aisle towards them. Feelings of passion, blessedness, and favor from God are all among the answers.


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